feedback from new conference attendees


a number of people involved with nanog in various official and
unofficial capacities have been having in-depth discussions about how
to make the nanog conference more accessible and productive to

i'm collecting anecdotal (totally bereft of scienctific value) data
about newcomers' experiences at the most recent nanog conference, in
an effort to understand general reaction and suggestions for
improvement. this is a supplement, and not a replacement for the
survey results that are always excellent and useful.

if los angeles was your first nanog conference and you feel like
describing your experience, i'm particularly interested in:

--what did you expect to get out of the conference?
--what did you get out of the conference?
--what aspect of the conference was most valuable to you (tutorials,
  general session, BOFs, beer 'n' gear, informal social time, the
  terminal room, hotel pool, etc.)?
--what aspect of the conference was most frustrating to you (location,
  schedule, content, food, dress code, tshirt, time zone, etc.)?
--will you attend another nanog? when? if not, why not? if not, is
  there anything that would convince you to?
--anything else i'm missing.

replies in private email, pls. i'll be collecting results and am
happy to share with interested parties.