FDDI or 100Mb Ethernet

Paul Ferguson <ferguson@cisco.com> writes:

> Okay. Playing my usual devil's advocate role, please tell me what
> migration path lies beyond FDDI for faster connectivity?

SM FDDI -> SM POS. Problem solved. Reuse your fibre, even.

*cough* Um, hate to have to raise an ugly bugaboo, but reusing
the fibre isn't the problem; it's redesigning the whole network
architecture from multidrop, ring based FDDI, to point-to-point
POS connections.

Or are you going to point out a cheap (~$100,000) SONET switch
that will work as a relatively "drop-in" replacement for already
installed DEC Gigaswitches? If you know of one, let me know, and
I'll order a half dozen. Otherwise, there really isn't any
multi-drop replacement for FDDI at this point.

Your inventive marketing friend,

Inventive, definitely. Practical, on the other hand...