FDDI concentrator w/DC power

I cannot find a FDDI concentrator that runs on -48 VDC. Is there a
product I've missed? This shortage of DC-powered concentrators might
explain some of the transient outages during power problems at MAE-East,

The FDDI concentrators at MAE East (along with all the other AC-powered
infrastructure equipment) are powered by a UPS with at least 5 hours of
battery power. In addition, all customer equipment co-located at the
1919 Gallows P-1 MAE facility is powered by the UPS.

Here's a note from the facilities manager for MAE East on the subject of

Wow can you tell us what UPS system you are using? I just got a Liebert 50
KVA for my NAP and it will only stay up for 49 min and that is with the
largest battery system they could sell me. That should cover the 2 min 200
KVA generator start and stabilize time so we should be ok.

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