FCC Commits to Opening Up More 5GHz Airwaves

Might this solve the "10MB problem" discussed on NANOG?

-- jra


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Oooh. We're getting even cleverer. No, this wasn't me either.

Moderators: please put my address on moderation?

-- jr 'yes, this request really came from me :-)' a

But how do we KNOW this really came from you? :slight_smile:

That way lies madness and sweaty palms, Jason.

But mostly you know because I haven't ever aimed such robots at the list in the 18 years I've been on it.

"I've hacked JRA's private key and I approve this message."

(just kidding, but someone had to say it.)


Oh, /I'm/ the Whacky Weekend thread this week?

- jra