FCC: 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Impact on Communications

The FCC has published a report "2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Impact on CommunicationsReport and Recommendations."

It is a bit excessive on the back-slapping about the FCC's leadership.

No independent ISPs submitted comments to the Commission. Are there any independent ISPs left in Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands?


Some highlights...

56. Based on information, analysis and feedback received by various stakeholders as well as the HRTF, the Commission presents the following lessons learned and next steps towards enhancing its disaster response and recovery efforts.

A. Improvements to FCC�s Emergency Response and Recovery Efforts
57. DIRS Enhancements.
58. Wireless Resiliency Cooperative Framework.
60. Radio Frequency Survey Application.
61. Over-the-Air Information (OTA) Collection During Disasters.
62. Increase Engagement with Emergency Management Partners. 64. Efficient Communication in Languages Other Than English and In Additional Formats.

The Commission is still looking for nominations for its disaster response and recovery working group. Any independent ISPs can nominate a representative....


The Federal Communications Commission (Commission) solicits nominations for membership on a new Disaster Response and Recovery Working Group of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC). This new working group will assist the BDAC in providing advice and recommendations to the Commission on steps that can be taken to improve disaster preparation, response, and recovery for broadband infrastructure.

Nominations for membership to the BDAC’s Disaster Response and Recovery
Working Group should be submitted to the FCC no later than September 7,

Independent ISPs?

Aeronet based in San Juan is much smaller than a typical LEC type entity, but has a significant service area and builds gigabit class last mile using microwave and millimeter wave.