FBI tells the public to call their ISP for help

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Perhaps I have just been unlucky when dealing with the big guys. Not
that I mind since I run a small ISP and I am happy to skim the
one-tenth of one percent of their users that won't put up with that
shit. However, it isn't going to make any dent in their business.

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If Joe Sixpack has a Mac, calls his ISP for help, is told the ISP only supports Micro$loth, asks for escalation and can't get that (or even doesn't ask for escalation) I would think Joe would move to another ISP. Thus my earlier statement that the ISP which does this we-support-Micro$loth-only crazyness is doomed to failure.

No, they are only doomed to service the 90% (or whatever) of the market that is running that particular software.

I'm surprised no-one has said it's largely a training issue: you can have people on the helpline who are experienced at talking customers through issues on a well know and well understood (warts and all) platform, but when the customer is using something with minority market penetration it gets really difficult really quickly.