FBI tells the public to call their ISP for help

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: Most ISPs recommend using Microsoft software or
: provide software for the Microsoft platform, and
: require to turn on JavaScript

I've never heard of an ISP requiring this. They might provide it for you if you want to use their branded Micro$loth-oriented software, but it's not a requirement. Any ISP requiring folks to use a particular OS is doomed to fail.

You're kidding, right? Have you ever called an ISP to report a
technical problem that has nothing to do with your computer or even
your connection to them, say a reverse DNS issue? If you tell them
that you run Unix they just ask you to run IE anyway. If you don't run
Windows they won't help you. That's a pretty clear message.

For anyone on this list I'm sure but the fact is that the great
unwashed are told that only Windows is supported. In fact it's
probably a factor in why we often tell friends to just use WinBlows so
that someone else can support them.

Maybe it's easy for you. It's usually a bit harder for a Joe Sixpack who
has a Mac or Linux box, but doesn't have the industry connections we do.

No I've never heard of that except, possibly, from non-clued phone monkeys. It's easy to get past them to more clued folks, though...

Stop it! You're making my sides hurt.


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