favourite XFP supplier?

Hi all,

Anybody have a preferred supplier for 10GE XFPs, multimode and singlemode?

These are to be installed in Force10 and Juniper hardware in Toronto, so a Canadian supplier would be fabulous although I won't hold my breath.


Fluxlight (www.fluxlightinc.com) is good source for 10GBASE-SR and LR
XFPs. They tend to keep an inventory, often able to ship on the day
of order; their web store works; they run a reputable shop, and are
fully understanding of "I'll need a tracking number ASAP, otherwise
the facility you're sending them to might reject the shipment" -- all
in all, a real win.

If you have a Dell Premier account, you might want to check there, as
they usually have XFPs listed at steep discount...

If you're looking for exotics, such as ZR-D (DWDM), going with a
Finisar reseller is a safe bet. I've had particularly good dealings
with Cube Optics AG. (Fair warning: these are tougher to source on
short notice.)