favorite network troubleshooting tools (online)

hey there,

I recently have come across this http://ping.pe/ website, I have no association with this but it’s pretty awesome. This made me wonder what other tools out there which I do not know about it.

what are your favorite network troubleshooting tools?

In addition to ping.pe, I like https://bgp.he.net but would love to hear your thought about other tool recommendations as especially the ones that are distributed.




https://mtr.sh is another one that I use when troubleshooting.

I have been using papertrailapp.com a lot recently. It is a cloud based syslog server with a free tier and nice GUI. Email and webhook alerts can be created in a snap (and that is the part I like the most)




and RIPE Atlas :slight_smile:

https://stat.ripe.net/ has lots of widgets https://stat.ripe.net/widget/list
http://irrexplorer.nlnog.net/ for detailed IRR info
(https://bgp.he.net also have some)

If DNS counts then https://dnsviz.net/ and https://zonemaster.net/


Not one specific tool, but I often use various large SP looking glasses to determine what their routing tables look like when necessary.

RIPE Atlas is another cool project that has also yet to be mentioned.

Cloudflare’s RPKI tools may also be of use.

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I see NLNOG’s IRRexplorer has been mentioned, but what about the NLNOG RING ? There’s a publicly-reachable LG (lg.ring.nlnog.net) but you have to sign up for access to the rest.


I’ve been using netVTY for a while (https://netvty.com). Its an ssh client that recognizes addresses and prefixes appearing in the output from your network devices and translates them on the fly. There’s a bit of work upfront to build a database from your device configs, but once that’s done it makes life much easier.


I really like netvty! Great tool.


I like globaltraceroute.com (RIPE Atlas probes and NLNOG RING