Favorite GPON Vendor?

Who is your favorite GPON OLT/ONU Vendor? Why? I am looking for

I apologize in advance , if you feel my question is inappropriate for this
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I Personally would like to know as well. We are just getting into GPON and the equipment we have been evaluating is clunky at best... It came highly recommended and supposed to be stable.

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We use the Adtran ONT solutions. We are using AE (Active Ethernet) not GPON but the solutions are similar for Adtran. We are providing IP and Analog this way. If used in the specified scope only there have been very little problems. Adtran is constantly updating their firmware, this can be a positive and negative at times. LoL

The configuration is Adtran TA5000 with an Active Ethernet 24-Port Module (1187562F1) feeding an ONT TA324E (1287737G2) at the customer premise.
For power we are using the Cyber Power CSN27U12v-NA3 units.
The clam shell we are using to put the ONT in is TA350 ONT NID HSG SPLICE (1187770G1)
All of these part numbers should be available on Adtrans website to look up.

We are also testing some iPhotonix ONTs but have not gotten to the point we are sure we want to deploy them.


PS I will post this in voiceops as well (it may be more relevant there)

How complex is the troubleshooting side of the Adtran? We Use the Enablence Wave7 and getting any useful information from the CPE via the CLI is like pulling hens teeth. I have yet to see a way to view the actual throughput on the ethernet interfaces, only total bits passed, or the light levels at the CPE fiber interface. A bit annoying actually. It means a truck roll to get light levels at the CPE.


We like Calix's gpon gear, especially the E7 series. Though it's on the higher side price-wise than others. Manageable through their CMS software, the web, or command line. We tend to use their CMS software for most things, but the CLI is decent, and gives you access to anything you'd want.

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback Brian. Price is important, but not the be all of the consideration process. Troubleshooting ease matters just as much.

Hello Jay,

Who is your favorite GPON OLT/ONU Vendor? Why? I am looking for

I've had great operationnal feedback with Alcatel's gear. Not the old
7302 series, rather the 7360s which support up to 16 ports/slot.

The best part is their provisionning system, because it's a "service
template" driven logic. It scales well, as long as you don't try to
produce L3 services right on the OLT chassis (better trunk to a 7750 SR
or any other L3 router).

The 7360FX line also has a P2P linecard, which is usefull when you want
to serve both residential and business accesses from the same device.

Higlights :
- Up to 32k GPON subscribers per chassis
- Up to 1152 gigabit ports per chassis in PtP setup (ideal for B2B)
- Unlimited customers from the same mamangement server (5620SAM,
optionnal but worth it past 5+ chassis)

On the financial aspects, well, it's surprisingly cheap as soon as you
have to scale past the chinese pizabox OLTs. Over 9 trees out of a
single PoP, you're definitely more effective with such devices.

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I can't say we have a lot of experience with the Adtran GPON units. On the Active Ethernet side if we assign an IP to the ONT we can view all the stats going back to the TA5K. From the TA5K we can also view the individual Ethernet ports. I will send you directly some examples. I don't think NANOG wants to see a bunch of Adtran "show ..." commands : ]

As far as Shawns Calix experiences the last time we tried Calix GPON was 5-6 years ago. The CPE seemed solid but the POP side was in constant need of rebooting and we gave it up after about 8-12 months of customer frustrations. At that time we did not get much help on the problems.


Previously I had stated we tested Calix equipment. That was wrong, we had deployed Tellabs GPON equipment. That was what we had had problems with and had not received much support on.
Apologies for the error.

I believe the reason we chose not to go with Calix was the requirement to have a constant connection between the configuration server/hardware and the ONTs. If there was a problem with the configuration server or if the ONT reloaded and was not able to reach the configuration server the ONT would not configure. We like the fact that the Adtrans were configured directly off their uplink hardware and that they were capable of storing the configuration on the ONT.
We did not have any problems with Calix support that I can recall.


We're evaluating the ZTE OLT/ONT and the results are being good so far.
The OMCI has the basic commands to apply a PPPoE conection and a SIP phone,
after the TR069 do the job.


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That is the case with Calix Active Ethernet ONT's, but not with GPON. AE
ONT's need a tftp server on boot to get a configuration.

We are about do deploy Calix, but after hearing about $company
deploying Adtran and liking their chassis features and NG-PON2 upgrade
path, we are now open to other vendors. Price IS a concern for us, but
not THE concern.

This may sound "wacky" to some, but if anybody on here is using Huawei
GPON gear, could you contact me off list? Thanks
(josh AT kyneticwifi.com)

I used Huawei GPON gear at previous job.

I won't lie, it worked great. A few bugs with the IGMP implementation,
but nothing a plane full of Huawei engineers from China with a local
translator couldn't fix.

That network probably still uses Huawei today. I'm more into Active-E
myself, these days.


Did you guys use them for core and distribution switching/routing as
well, or just on the GPON access side?

Just GPON.

All IP/MPLS/Ethernet kit was Cisco and Juniper.



I used Huawei GPON gear at previous job.

+1 for the MA5600 series. They are decent boxes compared to most of the other vendors that tend to be hardcore telco with (undocumented) TL1 management plane.

What does ADTRAN's NG-PON2 upgrade path have over Calix's?



Take a look at this webinar.


To me the best solution in GPON is http://www.parks.com.br/ from Brazil.
Good support and innovation.

I believe with any of these arms dealers (gpon vendors) they all have there goods and bads, it really comes down to what poison you feel you can deal with. The one place I can speak on with calix is there consumer connect with there 800 series ont's has pushed it to a totally different level, it's not perfect but it's getting there.

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