Fasthosts postmaster

Can someone who's a mail admin at Fasthosts Ltd. in the UK/AS15148 contact this
customer off list? Messagelabs is rejecting random e-mail from one of your SMTP
boxes (error 553: Spam, Your
phone number goes to people who don't know what a postmaster is, and your whois
tech contact goes to the sales desk. Meanwhile, our ticket has been assigned to
someone who wants to know "your e-mail address and password".

Hint: 1) of those is in the to: field, and 2) is perfectly useless - how exactly
do you login to the mail server's admin interface with a user's address and SMTP
pwd? Further, not so sure about sending passwords about in cleartext e-mail to
some outsourced thing or other.

I've verified that neither us, nor that host, is in any of the major *BLs. (PS,
if anyone from Messagelabs is around and can fix the problem without going
through Fasthosts, that would be optimal:-))

Sorry for the noise, list. This may be e-mail related, but it is operational.