Facebook outage?

Facebook outage? Everyone panic!



Dead here at AS11404 from all locations where we PNI or public peer...

must be bad over there, v4 dies at their edge, v6 makes it in but no page loads.


I hear that AIM and hipchat is also having issues.

Any other major company down too?

Instagram appears to be down as well, but that would make sense since they are part of Facebook.


snow, it's a terrible thing.

Hacking group Lizard Sqaud claims to have taken down @facebook
<https://twitter.com/Tinder/>@aim <https://twitter.com/aim/>@Myspace

$ dig +short facebook.com

NetRange: -

$ dig +short instagram.com

those are amazon addresses... err, not sure the connection makes sense though?


down from toronto. instagram too, of course.


Dead here from a close peering link.

  1 10ge11-3.core1.lax1.he.net ( [AS 6939] 4 msec 12 msec 0
  2 10ge1-3.core1.lax2.he.net ( [AS 6939] 0 msec 8 msec 4 msec
  3 any2ix.coresite.com ( 0 msec 4 msec 0 msec
  4 be2.bb01.lax1.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] [MPLS: Label 20180 Exp
2] 64 msec 68 msec
    be2.bb02.lax1.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] [MPLS: Label 18881 Exp
2] 56 msec
  5 ae31.bb01.atl1.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] [MPLS: Label 688077
Exp 2] 100 msec
    ae12.bb01.atl1.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] [MPLS: Label 706669
Exp 2] 56 msec
    ae31.bb01.atl1.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] [MPLS: Label 687613
Exp 2] 76 msec
  6 be25.bb01.frc3.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] [MPLS: Label 16526
Exp 2] 60 msec 64 msec 72 msec
  7 ae60.dr03.frc3.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] 96 msec
    ae60.dr01.frc3.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] 56 msec
    ae60.dr03.frc3.tfbnw.net ( [AS 32934] 64 msec
  8 * * *
  9 * * *

Seems unlikely, probably taking credit for someone tripping over a cable.

Instagram used to use Amazon AWS before being purchased by Facebook.
There has been a slow migration onto FB infrastructure, so yes, a mixture of addresses like that makes sense.

- Tim

The js console for hipchat shows tons of connection errors and 503s to
facebook.com. It's like just a facebook outage and breaking sites that have
facebook login options.

Some busted links there, but



And it appears to be back for me.

- Tim

It is back now fwiw

cable was replugged, insta/fb back up here.


implement service routers for pop machines using cbac checking and acl for private address range spoofing.
block china ranges since never respond to abuse reports.
move on


According to one joker, the crash was caused by too many pictures of the Northeast blizzard :slight_smile:

Cat-picture server went down.