F.Root-Servers.net and bogus data

It would be nice if email to action@internic.net actually caused action or
even an ack. So far my email sent on 2/14/97 to action@internic.net
regarding a bogus host record has gone unanswered.

Structured Ticket #2796 for reference of the folks at InterNIC.

*sigh* I'd personally prefer to have gripes about service sent privately or
to the rs-talk@internic.net list (if you like to be public about it) rather
than to muck up the nanog list.

As far as your question, I'm told that it was referred internally to
hostmaster since it was not a system but a registration issue. As
an action item, I'll put action@internic.net under the InterNIC's tracking
system so that you will get an ack in the future.