Extreme BlackDiamond

[substitutions for offensive terms are mine]

>You know what, go and [run windows] yourself you little [manager]..

>Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

>Best Regards,
>eServers - driving the "e" into your business.

This is the second time recently that a member of
this list has dragged their own personal disputes
onto the list. I don't particularly like this
and I would be happy to see the list owner come
down hard on the perp. Banishment?

How about invoking temporary suspension clauses
in cases like this? One day cooling off period
for first offense, one week for the second, one
month for the third? I think immediate banishment
is a bit too harsh; but suspending posting privileges
for 24 hours, along with a note to the list noting
that the person is on suspension so people don't
take the person's silence as a sign of agreement
on topics of discussion. I understand a desire
to not make public a person's chastisement; but
on the other hand, if you don't know that a person
has a gag order on them, it may well seem that
they are tacitly supporting a position through
their silence, when that is indeed not the case.

This seems to be a lot worse than the usual
annoying off-topic threads.

It was entertaining for the first round; after
that, it quickly became tiresome.