Extending a MAE connection ...

      > B R I D G E |
MAE -- 100 Mb/s -- | Cisco | -DS3- | Cisco | -- FDDI or -- (multiple
East FDDI | 4700M | | 4700M | 100Base T peers)
giga Switch

Yes, though some would do it with Netedges :slight_smile:

1) Will MFS allow us to connect multiple Peers on the same FDDI port (from
thier webpage, it looks like it, but I am not sure).

Yes, generally, within reason. 2 or 3 aren't a problem, but 10 might be.

2) Is there any technical reason that the above is bad?

Bridging makes things harder to see, and always runs the risk that dodos
will bridge strange stuff into the MAE fabric.

3) Because we do it the way shown above, does that make us look less
attractive (politically) ?

If it does, it's too late - you already told everyone about it :slight_smile:

But the answer is: The people who'd want to peer with you probably don't
care. And you probably can pick up 5-10% of your traffic bidirectionally
via those people at the MAE.

Thanks for any input on this. If there is anything I am missing, please
slap me. Thanks.