Extended outage at Vitelity / XO?

Hi, folks,

All 30 of the DIDs I have at one of VOIP providers, Vitelity.net, have been offline for more than 8 hours as of this writing.

Vitelity quickly acknowledged the problem, and are characterizing this as a "global DID outage" at XO Communications, affecting "over 100,000 of [Vitelity's] DIDs alone and many others throughout [XO's] network." Now, I know major outages do happen, and service with Vitelity has been generally good, but 8 hours and counting is pretty awful.

I'm worried that this may in fact be the result of a contract dispute of some kind between Vitelity and XO, and, if so, that this may be an even bigger problem for me than it already is.

Can anyone else confirm Vitelity's report of widespread outages with XO?




It is not just a problem with Vitelity. It is happening to all voip
providers that use XO dids. Others are reporting the problem to be fixed