Experience with the Dell PowerConnect 8024F - compare to the

Dell switches are usually Foundry gear relabeled, so it should be ok.
We are using Dell switches alongside actual Foundry gear in a cloud
environment and have had no problems.

Maybe I haven't looked recently enough, but that wasn't quite the way
it worked last time I checked.

For example, Accton manufactured the ES4624. Dell sold this as the
PowerConnect 5224, SMC sold this as the 8624T, Foundry sold this as
the EdgeIron 24G, 3Com sold this as the 3824, etc.

I've picked that older example simply due to the sheer number of
manufacturers doing this that I had correlated at one point, but it
was clearly NOT a Foundry switch that got rebadged as the 5224.

If this has changed, it suggests good things about Dell's switches,
but my last serious look at Dell was where I was rapidly told a bunch
of conflicting information about the 6224, only the worst of which
turned out to be true (only supports a handful of IPv6 routes).

... JG

There's also another factor: you may not have any idea whose rebranded
switch you're getting when you buy a Dell switch. Maybe it's Foundry in
batch X, but it might not be in batch Y.