Experience with Larscom NetEdge 85M's

Do any of you have any experience with troubleshooting unacceptable
amounts of latency and packet loss on an Edge 85? Everything looks cool,
the DS3 circuit going into is clean, it's not oversubscribed, but the
latency and (mainly) packet loss continue. I am at a complete loss as to
what to do with this. The packet loss appears to be consistent, however
running an mtr at this time is telling me that it's not there. I know
from looking with my own two eyes that it was there and worse than ever
several hours ago, but it seems to have calmed down now.

Any suggestions as to where to go with these things when conventional
methods of troubleshooting (including moving the customer to a router
closer to the NetEdge) seem to have failed me?

11. xxx.xxx.xxx 2% 594 601 54 42 61 140

Thanks in advance,


I think we used the 2ft drop test to fix the one in Columbus. Seriously
though, I think that Robert G. was the person who finally figured it
out. My yelling at the device and shaking the manual in the air at it
didn't seem to do much good. <g>