Experience Brocade ICX7750 and other vendor SFP


Brandon Martin<lists.nanog@monmotha.net> , 31/3/2015 10:07 PM:

    I'm not sure where the VDX line ends up in this. It's apparently
    somewhat the result of actually merging the two technology lines,
    and it
    runs somewhat different software as a result.

The VDX was AFAIK already in development before Brocade bought Foundry,
which is further backed up by the fact that in e.g. FlexOptix's
transceiver re-programming tool you have to select a "Brocade Storage"
firmware for those transceivers rather than the "Brocade IP" firmware
used for Foundry-like gear. It is however true that Brocade has since
ported over a lot of Foundry features to the VDX platform.

As for optics: it will work well (read: interface comes up and passes
traffic) with most other-vendor transceivers even if you don't
re-program, but like the Foundry-lineage kit you lose light level
monitoring when the firmware doesn't match.

Best regards,

Martijn Schmidt

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