Exodus: this is bad

Both of our BSDi nameservers as well. Just a while after your were hit.
Definatly a pattern forming here.

Nov 16 15:57:05 iron telnetd@ns1.mv.net[10984]: connect from
Nov 16 15:57:06 iron telnetd@ns1.mv.net[10985]: connect from

Nov 16 16:06:01 nickel telnetd@ns2.mv.net[1118]: connect from
Nov 16 16:06:01 nickel telnetd@ns2.mv.net[1120]: connect from

They went for our FreeBSD box too, and around the same time everyone else
is being scanned, I'm starting to think that this has got to be a worm.

Nov 16 16:08:31 ns1 telnetd[6355]: connect from mcserver.com
Nov 16 16:08:31 ns1 telnetd[6354]: connect from mcserver.com