Exodus Spam (some comments)

Since I was one of the folks spammed (and the person who's email
Adam Rothschild quoted), I thought I'd add my 2 cents to the

Firstly, the spam was sent to one of my previous email addresses,
ritz@new-york.net, a regional leased line provider I used to work
for. Word has it that the idio...er..miguided individual had
"heard New York Net was interested in purchasing services from
Exodus" or somesuch. That is patently false. New York Net
has it's own colocation space at some of the more well known
colo facilities in New York City and environs.

Secondly, in my original complaint to Exodus I cc:ed Ellen
Hancock, their CEO. She responded a few days later with an
"oops". I found this to be rather extraordinary since my
current employer is a customer of Exodus and we've had
ZERO luck getting her to respond to us in the past when we've
had serious performance issues with their Network. I mean
dead silence (though we did get some verbal satisfaction and
some small improvements by talking to their regional sales
folks after a month of bitching). When I pointed out this
irony to Ellen, I got:

"well, the problem may be our email system..i do have quite a few emails
on my input queue..but none from you...i do try to respond quickly to
customers..most of them seem to appreciate that.."

I found it even more ironic that a company specializing in being
a high tech home for colocation customers would say such a silly
thing so I sent her another email suggesting she bark at her
admins. I also noted that I was being put in a position where I
had to start evaluating other colocation vendors due to the rather
poor network performance we sometimes experience with Exodus. That
generated yet another email from Ellen within an hour in which she
just cc'ed me in a terse note to some subordinate asking them to
"look into this situation."

I haven't heard a peep since.

If it sounds like I'm not a happy Exodus customer...well....I'm not.