Exodus name servers broke?

NANOG isn't exodus' NOC.

If you didn't know that, then you shouldn't be posting here.

If you did know that, and chose to send it anyway, then you're
an irresponsible twit.

If you did know, informed Exodus, and chose to tell NANOG as well,
then you failed to include the text "I've informed Exodus of this
problem" which has caused you to be misclasified as an "irresponsible
twit", much to your dismay.

  [who will admit that the wisdom of posting this here is low,
   but thinks the probability of beating other people is high,
   and it's been a while since a deserving message has gotten a good
   stern rebuff...]

p.s.: Using 'nslookup' for nameserver diagnostics is generally considered
to be a bad idea in the operational internet community -- use dig


  Realtime issues should go to their NOC. Contact information
for their NOC and others is avaiable at http://puck.nether.net/netops/

  I would recommend contacting someone there.

  - Jared