Exodus / Clue problems


  Sorry to cross post, but is there anyone monitoring this list
from Exodus with 1/2 a clue who might be able to help me? I called the
NOC with an in-progress abuse and was told :

  1) We don't know who owns that IP
  2) We can't get into our own routers
  3) We don't have a ticket system
  4) The abuse people have a ticket system, but only if we
    can associate it to a customer (See #1)
  5) We don't know how often the "abuse@" is checked
  6) Email us the logs, and thanks for calling.



If you find such a person, could you please let me know? I could use one
myself. :sunglasses:

The best advice I have for you is to escalate your problem till you're
blue in the face. Then, stop, and escalate it some more.
(Adam reaches for the PalmPilot...)

Which NOC (or, was it an "NCC") did you deal with? If New Yorsey, you may
want to speak with Carmen Nicholosi (212-220-5472). If DC, give Doug
Anderson <danderson@exodus.net> a call at 703-926-1282. If elsewhere, ask
for their Data Center Manager or NCC Supervisor...

You may also want to voice your concerns to Bert Dollahite (head Quality
dude), Robert Sanford (head Operations dude), or Louis Muggeo (head
Customer Support and Services dude).

If I can be any further assistance, feel free to contact me off-list.