Exchanges that matter...

>} > Every NAP with a GIGAswitch/FDDI offers full duplex FDDI; the MAEs,
>} > Sprint, PAIX, and you. Buy a full-duplex-capable card, install it, and
>} > you get full duplex. You, the NAP operator, do nothing; the devices
>} > negotiate in and out of full duplex mode themselves.
>} Ah, if I have a FDDI connection into MAE-East I cant do full duplex
>} unless they enable it, it now is disabled.

Perhaps you should talk to them again. Steve Feldman (MFS) has said
multiple times that FFDT is enabled on the MFS Gigaswitches. At the last
NANOG, he suggested people try out the 'new' feature implemented by Cisco
and send him feedback. As Stephen Stuart (PAIX) pointed out you have to
disable the feature as it's enabled by default.

*cough* *cough* Hate to jump into the middle of this wonderful
debate, but has anyone here been able to push more than 60-70mbs
through the fddi interfaces in the NetEdges anyhow? We've upgraded
to an oc3c line to MAE-West, and discoverd that lo and behold, you
don't get that much more out of the link than you did with a DS3
because the fddi cards top off not much farther up. Full duplex
is a nice thought, and would win us another 5-10mbs, but since
we are far and away a content provider (traffic ratio outbound to
inbound is close to 10:1 at MAE-West), what we're concerned about
is being able to deliver the content people are asking for. Opening
up the back channel from shared to full FDDI is a, well, "nice"
feature, but isn't nearly as attractive as getting better FDDI
cards for the NetEdges.

On the flip side, we've had the same NE's on our prem from
MFS for about 2 years now; does MFS have any plan to cycle
them out for the newer, faster models that are being released?
Is it likely that we would see performance improvements by
having a newer box/card combo at both ends of our link?

Just some ideas to toss out before the crowd...

Thanks for any feedback!


Matt Petach
Network Engineer, InterNex (working from home)