Exchanges that matter...

> I'm somewhat confused as to why you would say you offer full duplex
> FDDI in a manner that implies no-one else does. If someone walked up
> to your GIGAswitch/FDDI (or anyone's) with a full duplex line card,
> they'd get full duplex unless you took some specific action to prevent
> it (by, say, putting three stations on a ring), or if you disable it
> in management (it comes enabled by default).

Well, because when I talked to MFS they said they would don't turn on full
duplex modem, I got the same thing from PAIX.

Full-duplex mode is enabled on all ports on the PAIX GIGAswitch/FDDI;
we never disabled it.

No, I turn it on, so far all the NAPs I have turned it off. If MFS and
PAIX wants to turn it on then great.

Like I said above, PAIX never turned it off.

If you'd like to follow up privately to work out the source of your
error, you know where to find me.