Exchange Point member lists

I have a quick question for the group.

Has anyone attempted to keep a compiled list of major exchange points (incl.
NAPs) and their members? The information seems to be, by and large, freely
available at each EP website, but as far as I've seen each peering
coordinator compiles his own list of potential peers. I've just been doing
this myself, and it occurs to me that dozens of others must have gone
through the same effort.

Anyone have any information on such a list?

- Jeb Linton

  Bill Norton has his peering coordinator list.
  If you are at one of these exchanges, there is a nifty
  tool to check the registered contact.


Yes, Mr. Norton's email and his process work was what made me wonder about
this. I figured that whether one uses his formal decision tree or an
informal process, we're all scrambling around for the same data to make the
smae decisions.

If no one is aware of a list of members by EP to go with the list of Peering
Coordinators, I'll try to put something into a sharable form. Might end up
being useful for choosing which EPs to go into as well as where to go to
peer with someone.

- Jeb

Have a look at . Here
you might find information about ISPs connected to european IXP.

Regards, Arnold