European Traffic Study - please comment

Enclosed is a draft of a proposed activity on traffic stats and metric.
Through many discussions, the idea has evolved and developed around an idea
to conduct a large scale effort of stat collection and analysis on a
European Scale.

Over the past few months, we have collected information on current
activities throughout Europe in this area, and this draft reflects many of
your thoughts and ideas on how to carry out such a project.

This document is a draft and comments are encouraged. Some of the ideas
and deliverables are not complete (software suggestions) need further input
and insight in order to define/refine them in full and as a first step, it
is proposed to proceed on the wg-qmn list.

Cheers, Ariel

--------------------------- original document ---------------------------------

Project name: TERENA Task Force on European Traffic Studies


The problem of network traffic growth prediction may be attributed to a
plethora of difficulties associated with network operation. There is one
common ground, however, that which is the end result: performance.

Many TERENA members currently collect basic statistics on their own
network's performance and traffic flows. Typically, this includes
measurement of throughput, delay and availability. However, the only
baseline against which networks evaluate performance is their own past
performance metrics. There is no data available for national level
comparisons with other networks' performance. It is increasingly vital for
both users and providers to provide information on end-to-end performance.
Such information is beyond the realm of what is currently undertaken by
individual networks.

The project objective is to collect and analyze data which will enable
focusing on the causes of decreased performance and proposing corrective
actions. These activities include the development a mechanism and
structure for collecting statistics of traffic loads on an end-to-end
international level, measurements of delays, flow capacity and packet loss


The vacuum created in national-level statistics/metric collection has
significantly complicated planning by member countries and service
providers. While details traffic and performance measurements are
essential to identifying the causes of network problems and formulating
corrective actions, it is trend analysis and accurate network/system
monitoring which permit network managers to identify "hot spots", predict
problems before they occur and identify ways to avoid them by efficient
deployment of resources and optimizing of network configuration. As the
explosive growth and dependence on the Information Infrastructure
continues, it is critical that mechanisms be established to enable
infrastructure planning and analysis.

This proposal describes a possible mechanism for undertaking a project to
concentrate current efforts. It is proposed to address these problems on
two levels of relevance:

1. significance to analysis of network performance
2. relevance to Internet settlements

These activities will include cross-European measurements of total traffic
through specific links and the mapping of reachable destinations covered by
a route, Delay measurements, flow capacity, continental averages of hops,
and rate of packet loss monitoring.


… Software kit for all participating members
        - for total trafic stats: TCP dump samples, router stats,
Network Probe Daemon
        - for delay measurments: ping-based utilities, Treno ,
        - for packet loss stats: To be discussed
        - Hope counts: traceroute

… Report: TF-ETM Guidelines for setting up a Stats-collection operation
compatible with the rest of the project
        - guidelines for peering
        - topology of participating links

… Web site concentrating the European statistics collected
        - General database with all raw data
        - various "views" of the data
        - analyzed data, patterns, related papers, ongoing work etc

… Report: Summery of network patterns and problems identified by the stats