European packet loss average increasing

My non-scientific measurements (i.e. pings to well known european
sites) show an increase in packet loss to about 6%, the 10 day
average previously was less than 1%.

That is similar to what the Internet Traffic Report for Europe shows at
this URL

For those who don't know, Ebone had a policy of zero packet loss on the
network 99.5% of the time and we managed to exceed this on almost all of
our links. In other words, the graph of packet loss was a horizontal line
with the occasional small blip. The major change in the traffic report
graphs is that packet loss is six times greater after the Ebone shutdown.
There was also a dip in traffic levels that partially corrected itself.
Presumably the bottom of the dip represents convergence and the lack of a
full recovery is partly due to organizations that were not multihomed and
who had not yet found alternate providers.

--Michael Dillon