European ISP enables IPv6 for all?

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And in fact, "threat propagation" in a v6 world may actually
be worse than expected, and naiveté may actually contribute to
a larger-scale attack, given the statistical possibility of
potentially more victims.

naivete because folks believe the 'v6 is more secure' propoganda? or
some other reason?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Address space size, and proximity, may well be red herrings in
this discussion.

can you expand on this some?

Someone else mentioned "self-infliction" in this thread, and that's
spot on.

Over the course of the past year or more, we've seen less & less
"scanning & self-propagating" malware, and more & more self-infliction,
either by being duped via social engineering or just by drive-by

As it stands, now -- and unless the pendulum swings the other way --
the whole "...v6 address space is larger, thus it is much harder to
scan and thus propagation of worms is much harder..." train of thought
is completely misguided.

- - ferg

It has been for quite a while - and so has NAT/NAPT = IPv4
security, for exactly the same reason. Some people say IPv6 isn't
necessary because of IPv4 NAT/NAPT being available, and then when they
say why, it's commonly because of the supposed "security" of IPv4
NAT/NAPT that'd be "lost" when moving to no-NAT IPv6.