Europe IP Transit Provider Ideas ?

Dear Nanog

For those running a AS with multiply POP locations around the world who would you recommend as a strong tier 1 transit provider in Europe (good routes to Africa would be a bonus)

We currently take full table feeds from Telia, GTT, Cogent, Retn, tisparkle (Seabone) we are also looking at adding NTT in the USA and maybe also in Europe but any other recommendations ?

Happy to be contacted by transit providers off list, thanks in advance

Kindest Regards

For Europe, even though it’s 10% of our overall traffic, we have been happy with the top 7 global carriers. For routing into Africa, I’ll unicast you. Mark.

Why isn’t Hurricane in your mix yet? They have great routes, some of the lowest pricing available, and they are always easy to reach at the NOC. They also peer at nearly every IX possible. They’re #1 in number of BGP adjacencies.

It looks like they have 3 or 4 paths in/out of Africa. I’d use their looking glass tool to check latency and peering.

TATA \ Centurylink

For Africa, Kenya and South Africa tend to be typical points for initial
build-outs. Nigeria gets attention too.

You want to look at an operator that spreads across more locations than
that to reach as many African networks as possible. The ones that I know
of have Africa as their primary market, but also have presence in Europe.


For Africa take a look at Liquid Telecoms and WIOCC. If your target market is more specifically west african, look at the ISPs which have major POPs in Accra and Lagos.

For east africa, Kenya/Tanzania, and those with good connectivity from Kenya to Djibouti and into the UAE (via Fujairah).

WIOCC is somewhat of an east african specialist.


If you want good connectivity with up to 20/30 gigs of traffic you should check IP-Max in Geneva (25091)

They are very well connected in Europe