Eugene Kashpureff's Defense Fund

"Everyone" didn't profit from this stunt; most of us lost something.
Either directly in InterNIC and some net users cases, and those of
us who had to run around un-doing the vulnerability, or indirectly
in that his stunt redirected quite a bit of legitimate debate into
flame wars over a dumb publicity stunt instead.

We gained the first direct action
to protest the domination of the
namespace. More will follow this
time directed at the CORE conspiracy
as well as others. *Unless* there
are overt moves to negotiation,
consensus and settlement. All of
which must satisfy all parties
not just a handful. There will be
more protests and we must all
support those who engage in these
activities on our behalf until
justice is served.

It is exactly this type of confrontational, paranoia-inducing
approach to the problem that has caused most of the problems
with working towards real netwide consensus. It's not suprising
you can't see it, but it's blindingly clear to me... I put
work into some back channel discussions that you bozos
managed to kill dead. You are not productive of solutions,
you are counterproductive, actively damaging to progress.
The "protest" created an environment where compromise became
harder and in fact did not happen. We all lost.
The only winners were a few people's egos, and one
of those people is now going to go to jail for it.
Trading ego boosts for real progress on the issues
is not my idea of problem solving, and until you stop
making that mistake you are a roadblock.

-george william herbert