Eugene Kashpureff's Defense Fund

Bob Allisat is, I'm sorry to say, a well-known Net-kook. I remember
him infesting a bunch of Usenet newsgroups. Now that he appears to
be on nanog, the best strategy might be to ignore him.

And Declan, I'm happy to say, has
found his place in life as mindless
reactionary & smear campaigner. In-
stead of addressing any of the real
issues he is content and contrite
to insult me. The liberty flag Declan
McCullagh wraps himself in at every
opportunity appears to be a little
tattered of late. Actually its no
more than a memory alas.

What does Declan think of CORE and
the Memorandum of understanding? What
does he think about requiring new
registries to pay non-refundable US
$10,000 and requiring a US$300,000
line of credit, five (5) full time
staff all of which come out to roughly
a half million dollar price tag for
new registries? What does the guy think
about IODesign's .WEB and Skyscape's
.ART registries being confiscated by the
IAHC/CORE? And what about Eugene's
activities? And how about Declan's
thoughts about Jon Postel and his
crowd trying to monopolize Internet
governance without a shred of public
input? We don't hear anything about
the issue. Only smear tactics and

Adress the issues Declan. We are not
all stupid enough to simply dismiss the
issues because you say I'm nuts. The
issue remain smack in your face. Address
them or be quiet in future.

TeleVirtually Yours,

Bob Allisat

Director, World TeleVirtual Network
PO Box 191 St E Toronto Canada M6H 4E2
(416) 534-1999

I know Declan McCullagh. I've read Declan McCullagh.

You, Bob, are no Declan McCullagh.

But, since you don't seem to have gotten this yet: The validity of
your arguments is not germane. Whether valid or not, they're off topic
for NANOG. Please quit, before someone asks Bill and Susan to lock
off your posting priviliges to this list.

-- jra

Not only does this garbage not belong on the NANOG mailing list, it appears
to have been cross posted to some other lists where it may or may not be

If I wanted to listen to a discussion on the IAHC/CORE, it's "competitors",
and other wild politically orientated stuff, I would look somewhere else
than NANOG. However, I don't look any farther than the always comical
com-priv for my entertainment. I've been trying not to comment on this
thread, however, now that it has fallen into name calling, take it
elsewhere, preferably into private e-mail (who knows, your name calling
might cease if the only person to hear it is the one being abused).

NANOG list administrator(s): Is there any way that a person can be removed
from the posting list? Is there a policy for such removal? If not, can
one be developed?