Eugene Kashpureff's Defense Fund

From: Marc Hurst <>
> > How much do I have to pay to keep him in jail forever?
> That was MY question :slight_smile:

As much as we all know the guy is not going to get a fair trial, the
concept of an anti-defence fund is a novel one.

It may be called a "friend of the court" brief, (only probably in Latin).

Some well-written papers (briefs) about the dangers posed by those
who threaten the Internet infrastructure may be useful in this case.


Please don't... we can be certain that there will be an
abundance of folks bringing that perspective to the court
and more stones are not going to help anyone at this point.


p.s. Mind you, if someone else now goes after the infrastructure
      (having seen the potential consequences of their action)
      *then* we put pen to paper and ensure their obliteration...

I happen to agree with John here.

As much I don't like Eugene, and as much as I believe that he deliberately
undermined what could have been a true open-market replacement to the IAHC
process, I *still* won't return the favor by filing a brief of that type
in this case.