Ethical Obligations in Internet Operations


I'm currently preparing a talk on "Ethical Obligations in Internet
Operations"[1] for Velocity NY in October. In preparation, I've put
together a short, anonymous survey for people involved in "Internet

After circling this survey in the SysAdmin/DevOps/SRE communities, I'd
love to get some feedback from the people who are operating the core
infrastructure of the internet, ie your esteemed selves.

If you could take the five minutes to fill out this form, that would be
a great help for me.

If you'd like to share this in your social or professional circles,
that'd be wonderful, too. You could:

- forward this email
- directly forward or link to the form above
- link to for
  a bit more context
- retweet / quote either of these tweets:

Of course I also welcome comments directly to me via email. Any and all
feedback will be treated entirely confidentially.

Many thanks in advance for your help!