Ethernet NID plus POE+ (802.3at)... or POE+ injector with OAM...

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a gigabit ethernet media converter to go from SFP
plugable optics to 802.3at POE+. The application involves wireless
access points some distance from a central switch for a venue.

Difficulty: in my old age, I've become allergic to installing
completely unmanaged bump-in-the-wire devices that can't be monitored
in some way. They make for a big nuisance when it comes time to debug
the installation.

The metro ethernet folks have brought us 802.1ag, 802.3ah, and Y.1731.
Even the simplest of these - .1ag L2 ping (LBM/LBR) - is sufficient
for my purposes of making sure that we're bidirectionally passing

I'm aware of pluggable optics that do OAM (OEsolution Smart SFP) as
well as some piggyback devices from other sources.

I'd like to find a single box though that will do my media conversion,
POE+ injection, and response to OAM packets all in one convenient tiny
enclosure. Bonus points for well-thought-out details such as DIN rail
mounting capability and cable retention tricks.

Anyone got any pointers?


You'll probably have better luck looking for a switch.