ethernet-based temperature sensors

I know this has been mentioned before, but other than NetBotz (too pricey),
what are people use as ethernet-based, SNMP-probable temp sensors?

I very simply need to trend temp with cricket/mrtg in various parts of the
data center. Looking for real-world experience.



The environmental monitors which APC sells work well and they can be
configured via BOOTP. They are in the $200 range. They also sell units
which install into the smart slot on APC ups units which gives you remote
control of the UPS as well as the environmental monitoring.

                            Scott C. McGrath

APC Makes a nice little monitor unit (AP9312TH), List price is $279.00, but you should be able to get them cheaper off the web. If you have APC UPS’s on-Site, they also have environmental modules that plug directly into the SmartSlot.