Equipment Supporting 2.5gbps and 5gbps

> With 10G it's been the opposite, nobody was using copper so SFP+ is
> cheap. Only recently has copper 10G started to become common, a bit too
> late to be worth bothering with now and as there are no copper SFP+
> Having new servers switch to copper instead of sfp is a nuisance

SFP+ Copper Twinax is another option for 10G to save on the transceivers

I should have been more precise with terms. The context here is doing
less than 10G to support old cat5/6 installations.

I didn't mention Twinax as if you could use that you'd not need a 2.5
or 5g standard nor have a problem with recent servers coming with
10GbaseT instead of sfp+ when all your previous ones are connected to a
SFP+ only switch with fibre or twinax cables.