Equinix to join role of chapter 11's?

reports of equinix's demise appear to have been grossly premature. see
http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/021002/20088_1.html, whose title is something like:

Equinix Gains Strategic Investment From Singapore Technologies Telemedia
and Creates the Largest Global Network Neutral Internet Exchange
Services Company Equinix to Merge i-STT and Pihana Pacific into its
Internet Exchange Services Business; Equinix to Retire Approximately 80%
of its Outstanding Bonds and Receive New Cash Investments of $30 Million

i'd like to publically congradulate equinix on getting this deal made. it
will be good for them and their shareholders, but even more importantly it
will be good for their customers and even their competitors. neutral data
centers that aren't just shell&core, once thought to be a waste of capital
because of the lack of upsell, are going to be the biggest survivors after
the dot-bomb mess.


I to join in, I want to publicly congrat Jay and the rest. There were a lot of people throwing FUD around, nowadays it's too easy to be negative and very counterproductive to growth and deployment. Equinix is obviously here to stay and a safe place to do peering and interconnections. While it's slighly off topic, I think there are always negative posts on the list and it's important to also exchange information when there is a positive light on something.

Perhaps Paul is right, and these stable peering locations will be the foundation in rebuilding growth in the networking industry.

Hats off to Jay and Bill and the entire TEAM at EQIX.

As a soon to be customer (times 2), a shareholder and a fan, I'm most
happy to hear about this deal..

All the work Bill Norton has done on peering and IX issues, the costs
in travel and time away from family and home I think have paid EQIX well.
As a shareholder I support those continued activities.

In other news. EQIX President is named to the BOD of Sphera a maker
of webhosting managment software.

John Brown,
Chagres Technologies, Inc.

The Equinix Team,

Congratulations on this strategic move. Way to go!

Shannon M. Lake Sr.