Equinix routeservers (MLPE) behavior c/f no_export

Hi guys (and others),

I couldn't find an official description/explanation of this (EQX docs only
mention that this should behave the same as their "set the no_export" TE

We are using Equinix' IXP platform's routeserver service (MLPE) in a few
locations on the planet, and due to the nature of our anycast structure, we are
sending our prefixes with the well-known NO_EXPORT community attached.

It seems to me that, at least in some places (i.e. Warsaw, ex-PLIX), the
routeservers will not forward the routes further, being intransparent to the
NO_EXPORT setting.

My assumption was transparency, so the prefixes would be forwarded unchanged,
including the NO_EXPORT community attached.

It would be nice to hear directly from Equinix, of course, but if anybody on
this list has hard knowledge of this, please share, so that I can take the
appropriate measures...

Thanks in advance,

Hi Elmar,

it seems to be a not completely agreed/standardised question.


    The BGP Communities [RFC1997] and Extended Communities [RFC4360]
    attributes are intended for labeling information carried in BGP
    UPDATE messages. Transitive as well as non-transitive Communities
    attributes applied to an NLRI UPDATE sent to a route server SHOULD
    NOT be modified, processed, or removed, except as defined by local
    policy. If a Communities attribute is intended for processing by the
    route server itself, as determined by local policy, it MAY be
    modified or removed.

has some more background.

Hi Nick!


Re Frank, thanks for the quickie,

geier@geier.ne.tz (Frank Habicht) wrote:

it seems to be a not completely agreed/standardised question.

RFC 7947: Internet Exchange BGP Route Server


Route Servers - IXP Manager Documentation


Yeah, I know... I just don't know what Equinix actually does.
As said before, I assumed transparency (==passthru).

Any hard experience info would be helpful here :slight_smile:

Thanks again,