Equinix Exchange Point

Quick poll to see who's at or planning to be at the Equinix Asburn exchange




Please visit:


Will tell you about members. You will have to create username/password.


Opentransit is


As is Verio.

  - Jared

EarthLink, probably.

In the facility, a fair number of people. On the switch fabric, no matter
WHAT list of 50 people they give you, most are not actually active.

# nmap -sP
Starting nmap V. 2.53 by fyodor@insecure.org ( www.insecure.org/nmap/ )
Host ( appears to be up.
Host ash1.washingtondc.telstra.net ( appears to be up.
Host ge-2-0.r00.asbnva01.us.bb.verio.net ( appears to be up.
Host ash1-fa0-1.atlantech.net ( appears to be up.
Host equinix-ash.ix.carrier1.net ( appears to be up.
Host wdc001bb00.iij.net ( appears to be up.
Host fe-0-0.dc1.via.net ( appears to be up.
Host bb1-g1-0s1.eqabva.sbcglobal.net ( appears to be up.
Host ( appears to be up.
Nmap run completed -- 256 IP addresses (9 hosts up) scanned in 4 seconds

Hi Richard,

<putting on an SBC hat> We peer on the switch at Equinix-Ashburn with at least one other network not listed on your scan below.


Well, while I'm sure there are at least SOME people who are not in the
unicast peering vlan, or for whatever reason block pings, but by far the
vast majority of the people who they claim to be active are not.

Don't get me wrong, I think Equinix offers the best carrier neutral colo
service by far. But this has been a nagging problem for a while, I've gone
down the list and spoken with engineers at the respective companies, and
most of them say they're not installed yet and won't be for at least a
couple/few months. In some cases I know for a fact that the equipment
doesn't even have power cables plugged in, and yet they've been listed as
a "switch participant" for 6 months or more. Through time this will get
better of course, but I still consider it something akin to deceptive
advertising if you're going in there because of who you think you can peer

Don't get me wrong, I think Equinix offers the best carrier neutral colo

Aha. Perhaps you've not experienced Telehouse in NYC yet?

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