Equinix Chicago Cross COnnects

Yes, another post in this ballpark.

I am remembering someone telling me that cross connects from CH3 (Elk Grove Village) to CH1, CH2 or CH4 were not raw glass, but some sort of transport. I lose the details, whether it was wave transport, MPLS or something. I remember the speed of the connection mattering.

My Equinix rep tells me that there is no difference from one to the other. I take that to mean that I could put my own wave system on the glass and be fine. I just have a very hard time believing them, based on what I remember and the fact that they've giving me a 25 - 30 mile pair of glass for $350/month.

I was hoping to see if anyone else had any experience in this department.

Equinix Cermak apparently today has zero available cabinets of any kind in CH1, CH2 or CH4.