EP.NET ???

I don't get this at all.

> Welcome to the USA, Land of a thousand startup ISP's.

"I want to be an Internet Provider."

> They decline for a couple of reasons:

   "I don't have DNS running internally"
   "I perceive the EP node to be "outside" my domain"
   "I don't know/care"
   "Can somebody please set it up for me."

Doesn't seem a productive way of raising the quality among new people
(cf the CIDR FAQ under construction).

I look forward to the CIDR FAQ, although I am not sure it has any info
on domain naming or services that an ISP should offer or use.

As to your other query, I don't get it either. It may be too much
money and greed at work. I don't know, I just work here.
(I've -always- wanted to use that line! :slight_smile: