Enterprise Edge firewalls

Hi all

We currently run Juniper NetScreen 5200 firewall and are looking for replacements, since these are doomed by Juniper and they are ready to be replaced. Their replacement is the SRX series, but since we need buy some replacements we feel that the rest of the market is worth looking at.

Could any of you out there share experiences with other brand, specific models. Our setup will be implemented as described in the Cisco SAFE reference guide, with dedicated border routers and firewall behind those. The functional requirements we have is filtering and nat, ids/ips is a nice-to-have built-in feature. Stability and performance are off course also a demand. We currently have 10G ethernet both as peerings and core network.

Contact me off the list if you want to remain anonymous.

Thanks in advance

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Lasse Birnbaum Jensen
Network Administrator
University of Southern Denmark

Email: lasse@sdu.dk
Phone: +45 6550 2873