ENSS 136 retired


Curtis Villamizar writes:

> As of March 22, 1995, the NSFNET Backbone Service to SURAnet
> at College Park, Maryland (ENSS 136) was retired. This node
> was also the interconnection point with MAE-East. All NSFNET
> service directly to the SURAnet regional was eliminated with
> the retirement of ENSS 136. SURAnet is the first regional to
> be totally dependent upon its new service provider.
> The NSFNET Backbone service will continue to have connectivity
> to MAE-East+ until April 30, 1995.
> --Elise


ANS will continue to be connected to Mae-East+ through E147 after
April 30. The switch from E136 to E147 is a capacity upgrade to
Mae-East+ that the NSFNET will have use of until the entire NSFNET
backbone service is retired on April 30.


ps - Elise, could you try not to word your messages about the
retirement of NSFNET service in such a way that it makes it appear as
though ANS is removing attachments in places where we are going to
remain. ANS is not retiring with the NSFNET service and would
appreciate it if Merit did not make it appear that way.

Actually, I have tried to avoid making any statements about
the ANS service and its attachments. And the two announcements
that have been made pertain to locations where ANS has indicated that
it plans to remove service (Atlanta and College Park).