Emergency Connectivity Relief Project in Maui

Hi NANOG community,

Seattle Community Network (many thanks to NANOG TV for featuring us recently) is supporting a small team of broadband technicians going to Maui next weekend to deliver emergency connectivity relief. If you have any connections to existing initiatives we should coordinate with, that would be very helpful for us. We are looking for information and resources related to the connectivity situation and needs on the ground in the affected areas. We would also appreciate any available support in terms of funds or equipment donations that might be appropriate, especially rugged/outdoor-capable WISP/radio communications gear and off-grid power equipment such as generators, batteries, solar kits, etc. Please reply to this message or email outreach AT seattlecommunitynetwork DOT org with any information.
Thanks so much,

@infrared I am glad to hear that your team is planning on supporting the affected by the fires in Maui. I will reach out to our community to see if there are those that can help support your efforts. Wishing you are your team all the best.


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