Unnamed Administration sources reported that Roeland Meyer said:

> A) A friend got bit badly by the "anything I can attach I will"
> syndrome. He was in the UK, and the usual USG local POP (from PSI)
> was FUBAR.

So, why were they dialing international when ATT WorldNet is closer/cheaper?

Because, as I said, his agency had/has an account with PSI.
Standimg orders are to use it. When not available, they fall back
to calling LD.

They could have also used ATT and punched a tunnel through
to their host (still have to allow ATT dial port access).

So YOU are volunteering to shepard this through Procurement?

{It's clear you have never been a GS employee or you'd not make such

> B) I'm intrigued by the proposal for pseudo attachments.
> Hmm, what's really needed?

Key ingredient ... critical mass of sysadms.

True. What's the Buddist truism..

  "Enlightenment is 10,000 miles that way. Start walking"....

I think is how it goes..