ELAN.NET = Spam House in Disguise

> That post was rejected because of the words "porn site". This was quite
> clear from the type of filtering message. I'm sure this post will generate
> exactly the same reply back to me...
I'm not sure about that. I spoke with several large ISP abuse desks that
have you blackholed, for wasting their time with long-winded and baseless
"abuse" and "hijacking" complaints day after day, or for previous spam
activity behind your network which you neglected to stop and deny to this
day. I figured your mail might have been withheld, or rejected, for one
of these reasons.

My post was rejected for the same phrase, "porn site". It's
not due to any of the other reasons you pulled from your
nether regions. I don't know what silly axe you have to
grind with William, but believe me, I'm getting really
sick of reading about it here. Please take it elsewhere;
private email would seem to be the best place for it.

Thank you.