effects of NYC power outage

[NANOG has been bouncing my attempts to reply to this thread
for several days, possibly because I quoted the word "u n st a b l e"
early on, apparently triggering the "un subs cribe" filter for words
that start with "uns" and contain a "b".. If your posts to NANOG have
been silently bounced in the past, and your network's operational
issues lead you to start your posts with words like "uns tab le" or
"uns ol vable" or "uns uit able" or "u nsp eak able," wonder no more. ]

BGP was more [un st a ble] during code red

A quick peek into both the graphs will make one
thing clear: *BGP is robust enough to withstand any
extreme congestion.*

Anyone interested in this might also like to look at our report
titled "Internet Routing Behavior on 9/11 and in the Following Weeks."


Note in particular the minute-by-minute changes in routing table size
around critical events on pages 9 through 11. Fine time granularity
is important to avoid missing all the interesting features.