eDNS - Temporary Freeze

Cc's trimmed.

What's so difficult to understand about what Paul said?

If IANA calls Paul and says "Hey paul, starting tonight, get your
zone files from here instead of from NSI", guess what? The next morning,
the root servers show IANA's zones and the InterNIC is out of the loop.

They're *in* the loop now because they are the sole arbiter of the zones,
it only makes things easier.

Karl wrote:

You don't understand how DNS works.

As long as the Internet's cache files on each and every system out there
point at "a" in their file, there is the potential to break the namespace.

One rogue server in a confederation will cause serious problems.

NSI has defacto control, because getting them out of the cache files is a
long and slow process, and until they ARE out their answers will be