East Coast Earthquake 8-23-2011

Have anyone seen or feel any effect of this on their network?

We had some cell tower issues here in NJ.



Users going to twitter, IRC, Facebook, Google+, etc., are WAY WAY WAY up. Ditto news sources.

Oh, and of course, XKCD. :slight_smile:

5.9 Epicenter in Virginia:


Seeing slow internet access out of ASHBURN, VA data centers. Verizon and Global Crossing. Carriers circuits probably overwhelmed with voice/data.
I do not have any info on outages or damages related to earthquake.

Just an observation:

Sprint 3G data and Texts are sporadically working here in Reston, VA. 4G
wimax is fine.

T-Mobile is completely out in Bethesda, MD. No voice or data signal whatsoever.

Tmobile is back up in Ashburn, VA